Journals Indexed by HAPI

Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)
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Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)


Journals Indexed by HAPI

Our general criteria for inclusion in HAPI can be found on our FAQ page. HAPI is not currently accepting new titles for indexing.


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  • About HAPI

    335,000+ Citations | 170,000+ Links to Full-Text | 700+ Journals

    The Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) provides complete bibliographic citations to the contents of scholarly journals published around the world on Latin America and the Caribbean since the late 1960s. Our coverage includes everything from political, economic, and social issues to the arts and humanities.

    HAPI currently indexes over 400 journals and includes the contents of over 700 journals dating back to the late 1960s. Browse our journals to see what we offer. About 80% of our currently indexed titles include links to full text sources - and many of those are freely available through open access policies. Where we've found the full text we'll provide links to that content in your search results.

    The database is a nonprofit project of the Latin American Institute, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and is available through annual subscription. Contact us for a free trial. Institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean receive free subscriptions.

  • Staff and Contributors

    Orchid Mazurkiewicz, Director and Editor

    Daniel Schoorl, Associate Editor

    Michael Scott, Associate Editor

    Marcelo Jatoba, Publications Manager/Billing

    Contributing Indexers

    HAPI relies on a dedicated team of volunteer contributors or indexers - Latin Americanist librarians and scholars - who put their expertise to work indexing journals for HAPI. Interested in volunteering? Let us know and we'll be happy to give you all the details on what's involved!

    Current Panel of Indexers:

    Sarah Aponte, Dominican Studies Institute, CUNY

    Doug Campbell, Harvard University

    Jane Carpenter, University of California, Los Angeles

    Carlos Cartagenova, Universidad de Especialidades Turisticas

    Eda Correa, University of Central Florida

    Tina Gross, St. Cloud State University

    Michelle Guittar, Northwestern University

    Nancy Hallock, Harvard University

    Wendy Highby, University of Northern Colorado

    Joseph C. Holub, University of Pennsylvania

    Ashley Larson, Claremont Colleges Library

    Sara Levinson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Philip Macleod, Emory University

    Martha Mantilla, University of Pittsburgh

    Nashieli Marcano, Kennesaw State University

    Laura Martin, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Eileen Oliver, San Antonio College

    Ana Ramírez Luhrs, Lafayette College

    Andrea Saladino, Universidad de San Andrés

    Brenda Salem, University of Pittsburgh

    Nelson Santana, Bronx Community College

    Claudia Escobar Vallarta, El Colegio de México

    Aurora Vega, Tulane University

    Alyson Williams, Dumbarton Oaks

    Gayle Ann Williams, Florida International University

    David Woken, University of Chicago

    John Wright, Brigham Young University

  • History of HAPI

    It all began at Arizona State University in the early 1970s when Barbara Valk founded HAPI as an annual printed index of academic journal citations on Latin America (although HAPI includes articles dating back to the late 1960s following an early retrospective indexing project). In 1976, HAPI became part of UCLA's Latin American Institute - at the time called the Latin American Center. HAPI is a nonprofit and is self-supporting through our subscription income.

    HAPI debuted on the Internet in 1997, while still producing our annual print edition until 2008. The HAPI staff includes a small team of librarians responsible for production of HAPI's records. Our dedicated team of volunteer indexers, many drawn from the membership of the Latin Americanist librarian organization SALALM, provides essential assistance in indexing our journals. Together we add approximately 7,000 new records every year.

    In 2006, HAPI launched Spanish and Portuguese versions of our English-language site. In 2014, Spanish and Portuguese versions of the HAPI Subject Headings were added to improve usability for our Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking users. More recently, in the fall of 2017, we began adding abstracts to HAPI.

    Find out more about HAPI's history in Barbara Valk's "Cooperation in the Publication of Basic Bibliographic Works: The Hispanic American Periodicals Index," Latin American Research Review, 12:3 (1977) 161-63; and "HAPI and SALALM: Thirty Years of Close Cooperation," SALALM Papers, vol. 50 (2005) 9-15; and Orchid Mazurkiewicz's "The Hispanic American Periodical Index," Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Latin American History, 2016.

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